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May 10, 2009
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Transformers Legacy: Bumblebee by CyRaptor Transformers Legacy: Bumblebee by CyRaptor
Alternate Mode: Custom 2006 Scion xA

Strength: 2
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 9
Endurance: 3
Rank: 2
Courage:: 7
Firepower: 2
Skill: 3

As the youngest and most inexperienced crew member of the Ark, Bumblebee is often looked down upon by his shipmates. Due to his youth and short stature, Bumblebee is very self-conscious and constantly tries to prove himself as a worthy soldier. He is extremely impulsive and has directly disobeyed Optimus Prime’s orders on multiple occasions, frequently biting off more than he can chew and depending on his friends’ help to pull through in one piece. Despite his rash nature in combat, Bumblebee is quite amicable amongst his allies, and has taken more initiative than any other Autobot in befriending the humans of Earth.

Bumblebee’s speed and agility in both modes are his greatest assets. In vehicle mode, he can reach a top speed of nearly 200mph, surpassed only by his teammate Mirage. While his sprightliness acts as a great defense, Bumblebee’s offensive capabilities are severely lacking. His only weapons, befitting his original role as junior mechanic aboard the Ark, are a pair of “stingers” that deploy from each of his forearms. Designed primarily for welding and jump-starting discharged circuitry, the stingers can also fire off bursts of plasma which are painful but non-lethal to Transformers. His visor, nominally used for welding duty, also doubles as a battle mask.


Welp, the most obvious inspiration for the design here is Animated Bumblebee, which became more evident as I went on. I chose the Scion xA as a vehicle mode because there's one in the parking lot and work and I'll be damned if it isn't the smallest car I ever did see. But it also happens to look pretty much exactly like Animated Bee's vehicle mode. Oops.

As far as personality goes, he's still based largely on his Animated counterpart, but I think he's less dickish. There's equal amounts of Armada-era Hot Shot (who I also drew some design elements from, namely the navy blue secondary color and visor) and early Cheetor (although he's not my "Cheetor character"). He's also got a bit of G1 Bee in him, namely the fact that he has the most interaction with humans, as opposed to Animated, where they pretty much all do.

And then we've got the transformation scheme, which actually isn't based on any existing incarnation of the character, but rather on an original character of mine named Pronto, who turned into a PT cruiser which has a similar-enough shape to carry over. I realized after I had designed and drawn him out that there wasn't any place for his stingers to go, so I decided that his weapons and his fists can alternatingly slide into his forearm (like Universe Ironhide's gun/sword thing) and then rotate 180 degrees, which actually works since the elbow joints are attached to the inside of the door and not the forearm. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Revision Edits (2/3/12): Slight color modifications (darker blues and blacks, more contrast in yellow shading). A slightly modified head design (broader visor, additional black detailing) with a new mugshot to follow suit. Also added a hollowed-out area behind the rear window in his left shin, which makes it a little less... toyetic, I guess? Still not loving how much empty space is above his head because of how wide the illustration is, but he's a short guy so I guess it makes sense.

Revision Edits (4/14/14):
I redrew the mugshot again because it looked creepy and like doo doo.

Next up: Starscream. I'm really picking them out of left field here huh folks
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ShadowyDarkStar Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Very well done! But man... That intelligence. 4/10 :o (Eek) 
VMetalic Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
A little the headshot and head in his robot mode (colored) dont match that well, probably because of that yellow piece under the visor, which isnt there in headshot, who looks like he had a high forehead, but it makes him a little more lovely now :)
CyRaptor Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
I was thinking the yellow forehead piece would be able to move a bit to simulate eyebrows. It's not visible in the background schematic view either. Any other differences can probably be chalked up to five years' drawing experience.
VMetalic Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
Its your call on this :) thought I think that when the visor is on it shall cover the forehead, like that there isnt a space between the visor and top of the helmet.
Sh1tlandpony Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
I only saw a few episodes of the transformers series and even then I don't remember which one or any of the characters in it. I guess I'm a new generation fan cuz I saw the movie...In the cinema. It's wierd coming to terms with realism and cartoons especially machines portrayed in them. The realistic ones are cool because explosions and shit. 

But then these little cartoon ones have so much character and soul. I might have to watch some transformers cartoons me thinks. 

Also, to those asking the artist to move strength up a bit or 'this guy isnt cowardly' etc and then getting mad about it, go f*ck yourselves XD The artist didn't post these for you to harrass and pester them into changing stuff YOU think is correct. Bugger off XD I don't know Jack diddly squat about the intricacies of the animated series but what I do know is, this is the artists OWN INTERPRETATION. If you want to debate character specifics be more tactful about how you say it. 

Demanding things is not going to get you anywhere... 
CyRaptor Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
It kind of bums me out that new fans are being introduced to the Transformers franchise through the movies, because they're kind of morose and spiteful in a way that I feel doesn't gel with the entire rest of the fiction. I understand why they exist and begrudgingly accept them for what they are, but I don't much care for them, nor does a very large portion of the fandom.

If you're interested in checking out Transformers animation, your best best is probably the creatively titled "Transformers Animated", whose entire run is going to be released on DVD in June. It's very cartoonish (especially in the first season), but pretty well regarded for its story, and while the actual animation is a bit rough, the visual design is very fun and colorful and is probably the closest to my own style. "Beast Wars" and "Transformers Prime" are the two other generally-considered-to-be-above-average Transformers shows, though both are computer animated (and BW in the mid-90's, so it looks pretty dated).

And thanks for the show of solidarity on the tech spec "corrections"... they drive me up the wall.
Sh1tlandpony Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
Yeah they seem cool I guess only because they are giant 3-D models that are so intricate that it astounded me how many individual parts they might have. I do remember some things from the animated series but not enough to agree with you as I don't know them well enough. HOWEVER I absolutely ADORE AKIRA and many other 80's animated movies and most 90's animated series were awesome and a source of nostalgia.

Haha, yeah I'll check it out, I love anything that hits me with a nostalgic feel so I'll check it out. Cartoonish to me often means more soul, they spent time drawing them frame by frame sure enough quality is lacking when that happens but I imagine that most older animated series have much better stories. AHA yes! Beast Wars I saw like 2 episodes of that XD but yes I do remember it vaguely and I remember seeing a very old drawn cartoon and then Beast Wars some years later. I will have to go feel the nostalgia now, thanks a ton!:D

No problem, the internet is full of stupid arrogant people who bear no thought for the people they are speaking to. I am used to dealing with it on game forums with people going 'PUT THIS MODEL IN GAME', 'I WANT THIS, I WANT THAT' and more often than not 'Why havnt you guys done this etc'. Different to your case but only slightly, you are still dealing with idiots XD It drives me insane as well:P  
CyRaptor Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
Yeah, the live-action movies are a visual treat if nothing else.

If you're into 80s and 90s nostalgia you may also want to check out the original cartoon (known nowadays as "G1"). I wouldn't call it GOOD like the other series I mentioned, but it has its high points and is definitely your typical goofy 80s Saturday morning toy commercial.
Sh1tlandpony Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
Sounds like my kind of thing. I'll defo check it out, thanks again :D 
DYnoJackal19 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
Huh. Who knew?
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